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[page 3] ***WAR***WAR***WAR***WAR***WAR***WAR***WAR***WAR***WAR***WAR***WAR***WAR*** By now it has most assuredly reached you that we are at war with Agressor or Homeland. (Homeland and Mordor are synonemous here) If I could show a picture of one, all you would see is a BIG MOUTH. That is, if I could find a camera strong enough. Tha ( oh no, ahem) THE battle rages on, however. I wrote to Elfhelm for information on battles thus far but received back no word. He is also bound to give me the names and addresses of our three allies. I haven't recieved a letter from him yet, it'll probably come late and be part of a last minute bulletin in the paper here. If it's not included, however, you may correctly assume it is Elfhelm's fault and send him all your questions. It would serve him right if Radagast ( our kind and benevolent friend) sent upon him the flock of owls he was reserving for me, up 'til now, that is. He might even spare an Aardvark @andAardvark@ or two. Come to mention it, what ever happened to that messenger aardvark you sent to Saradoc, R the B, ole boy? (OOPS. I think maybe I've strayed from the point.) All wargamers are to report right away to Elfhelm as it is anyway. He will get you a few games going. Further information could be attained from Faramir or maybe Aragorn. And finally, we have 32 members, not all of which can play just now. With our allies this number doubled. Yet however exaggerated, Agg. Home. surely outnumbers us. I ask you to seek alliances with S.P.E.C.R.T.R.E. Ofwhich @of which@ Dain is the high commandant. Mayhap this old and time proven agency could be the bane of A.H. in an allied thrust!!! Aragorn says Dain should write him, but since WE are seeking the alliance, let _us_ ask. Well, I shall do my duty. If they are as any of the A. Hill fans I've met thus far, they don't know a lick of chess. ( Exceptions, Gandalf ect...)Thus, this hobbit, and also Sarados, will stike a few for the old Neo-Numenoreans...

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