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[page 2] *** VOTERS' GUIDE *** (The Guide will follow the order of presentation as in Faramir's notice) (H.H.P.E W.T.F. means never had personal experlence with this fellow or I don't know him. Ed.) 1. The Dunedain. Faramir: Desirable for a representative, handsome, writes good letters to all received, and is cautious (Doug Cross) Aragorn: naturally, should not be considered for this office as he is the king) Loses letters, long hair, writes well, very busy, and easily roused against Evil!!! (Bil Tallen)( AR-Pharazon: Handsome, good wrestler, but, in his own words:"I'm so LAZY"!!! (pete Dobra) 2. All other men. Eomer: Tall, Hobbit-build (plump), educated, writes well and often. ( Philip Helms) Lord Mark Elfhelmed: Skinny, fine actor, talks a lot, excellent wargamer, good letters, very very busy! ( Mark Goldberg) oy,yay Farmer Giles: Industrious, slow reader, and might write. (Jim Magon() Clyde Leigh: Small smart, good ideas, hasn't written. Erkenbrand: N.H.P.E.W.T.F. . (Robert Kerr) Imrahil: N.H.P.E.W T.F.. (Bill Oswald) Aranarth Cemendat : N.H.P.E.W.T.F.. (Bill Potter) 3. The Illustrious TOOKS!!!!!! Isengar: Smart, has a big brother in the club we're warring against, good letters, but answers after careful consideration (about 2 weeks) (Thomas Booy) Adelard: Stout, has good ale, generous, and doesn't write (Bob Fickle) Belladonna: Truly hobbitish, good telephone voice(except for gigles), & writes. (Marice Butler) Esmeralda: Writes, Thoughtful, and does NOT want to marry Saradoe (at present) ( Leona Noseck) Bandobras: On the right TRACK, strong, loves golf( uses golf bells too). and writes (George Arrick) Hildifons. My favorite, dandy, fab, strong agile, witty, can't type, loves trees, and writes alot. (l.Bryk) 4. Other Hobbits AND _Saradoc Brandybuck_. Saradoc Brandybuck. "Writes, plays chess well, active, dedicated, and likes long hair music ( The Association) (Dale Barich) Merimac Brandybuck: Active, busy, PUNny, has dog, doubtful I.Q. (Bryan Yinger) Berilac Brandybuck: Can write, bright, perky, but too young to be here considered. ( Tom Butler) Hamfast Gamgee: (Same as above). (P.Helms small brother.) 5. Wizards: Red, White and Brown. Aravir the Red (no personal experience other than he didn't answer my letter). (Doyle Donehoo) Gandalf the white: Answers all letters, @breif@ , organising, compromising, a master wise, and not, I hope, without a beard. (Charles Welsh) Radagast the Brown: Thoughtful, humorous, answers letters, and writes 'em, and actively busy. (Phillip L. Musgrave) 6. Elves... Cirdan: Will answer few letters, very few busy with boats, but he thinks. (C.T. Alderson) Hurin the Tall: Short, brisk, and up 'n coming. (Paul Lacy) Elrond: (much like above only Proud of being as is). (David Kern) Glorfindel: Wise, funny, serious, mirthful, errant, explorish, (ELVISH). (stuart Butterfield) 7. Miscellaeneous @miscellaneous@ category: swords, dwarves, trees, birds, horses, and people in yellow Go-Go Boots. Anduil: Married, thoughtful, experienced, active, answers letters, makes jokes, but is busy. ( Peter Rosamilia Jr.) Dain: Smart, lazy, never smiles in class, wargames (is Der Feurher @Fuhrer@ of SPECTER), very busy, and excellent wargamers. (Dwarvish) (Joe Thomas) [page 3] (Voters' Guide cont.) Bombadil: Perky, groovy, happy, sad, laughs, sings, has more 'none prospect for a Goldberry (5 at present), is rich, plays good football, and busy (Grant Hyatt) Treebeard & Quickbeam: Wargame and certainly arnt @aren't@ (BAD DAY) hasty. (I wrote to 'em 8 months ago and still await reply). (John Berry & David Kellog) Those are all the candidates or for reprsentativeship, also all the members of the N.MClub!! Now, of course comes voting for a KING!! The only members for this office could be those who write a lot and are active in the club I suppose these would be: Radagast, Sarados, Faramir, Gandalf, Aragorn, and myself I, certainly, would not like to be thain of aught but Tookland. (if any) I would rather have Aragorn our king than any other right now. His moving is over and he'll soon start to write again so that's who I'm voting for I hope he's your candidate,too!!!