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[page 1] ELECTION Yes, an election (oops)!!! After much finnegalling and such, we did get a parliment BUT the members were not elected by popular vote! Also, our king has been dormant to his subjects' wellbeing. Thus, an election (mistake) is necessary for all concerned. Besides this kingly matter, we are in a war... with aggressor Homeland. we have at present three allies ( mentioned later in this issue), but, can use all the help we can get. Therefore, it is an issue also, if we should seek an alliance with other wargamers. (S.P.E.C.T.R.E.) However, this vote is not valid unless approved of by ½+¼ (sorry, but this thing doesn't have a 2/3) (ahem) 2/3 of the membership. So, the first question will be , 530323 (org) "Do you wish this voting ( NO that won't do. " do you approve of the vote?" Even if you don't, vote anyway because 2/3 still might approve. Finally, it has come to my attention that this could be unfair as some of the people do not know the people they are voting for. [page 2] (Hey! Guess what? I printed the first sheet backwards!!) ( Election cont.) In order to solve this problem, there will follow a review of all candidates. sort of a VOTERS' GUIDE I guess.