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[page 1] I DID IT AGAIN!! The Mathom Sun has again been printed by myself, HILDIFONS TOOK (alais: L. Bryk). I find I always go into debt when I do these things, but it's fun anyway. Some of the following articles are my own work, or of concerned club members, or from wizards who use the "or else" clause quite convinsingly. ( as you may have noted , mistakes are also apart of this paper) For this edition, I purchased my Heck-to-graphy set but you thank the teachers who are strike for this copy as it could never have been finished in the original amount of time allotted for vacation. To the surprise of most of you , ( Noted especially here are the people who threatened my person with flock of ferocious owls orblasting @or blasting@ by blue fire) your article may not be here. This is because they shall soon follow in a bulletin containing further data on the issues here presented.