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[page 3] Undomë Namarië by Gary Phillips The dying sun slides down the sky, The daylight birds have ceased to fly, But still on Amroth Arwen stands, Waiting for her time to die. Elessar has kissed her hands, His spirit has flown from mortal lands, Bidding her pass beyond the sea, To set foot on Eldamar's golden sands. But the Valar decree that this can't be, Since with her father she failed to flee, And so has doomed herself to take A gift not meant for such as she. 'Twould soem @seem@ that Eru's hand must snake, when He finds that He must take Her life and let her spirit fly Who once the Twilight did forsake. From out of the West there comes a cry, Alas, Undomiel's time to die Has come and brought the Doom of Men 'Till sun and moon turn up in the sky. But let us call to mind again, Before the bitter tears begin, The Circles of the world cannot Restrain forever mortal men. The mallorn leaves of Lorien Have fallen gently in the wind. Though Arwen sleeps the sleep of men, Someday she will greet her love again.