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[Page 4] CONVENTION NEWS: According to figures released by the International Association of Convention Bureaus, the average attendance at all conventions is 340, with 70% of all conventions having an attendance of 200 or less. Figures seem to indicate that S F worldcons are in the top 10%. (Degler) /// The 14th Swedish S F convention, LUCON will be held in Lund over the weekend of May 31 - June 2, as arranged by the Lund Fantasy Fan Society. Program will include a fannish play, film showings, auctions, panels, etc. The con will be of a predominantly fannish nature, as distinguished from other Swedish cons of recent years. It might also be successful, which would be a unique feature. For information contact Mr. Bertil Martensson, Magistratsv√§gen 55 U:101, 222 44 Lund, Sweden. Convention membership, including progress reports and program booklet (if any should be published) will probably be $2.00. (Carl Brandon, Jr.) /// The London Minicon was cancelled because of lack of interest. /// NEOSFS will furnish mix, food, and some liquor for their two day New Years Conclave at the Greentree Inn, 1935 Cleveland Road, Sandusky, Ohio. A 50¬Ę "donation" will be charged to defray expenses. For details write Bill Mallardi, 2345 Newton St., Akron , Oh. 44305. The Annual Yule Meet of the TSA will be held in Hew York on Saturday, December 28, at 7 P.M. The meeting will be held in room 501 of Schermerhorn Hall, Columbia University, and will be co-sponsored by the Columbia University Science Fiction and Fantasy Society. The only two entrances to the campus which will be open at that time will be the one af 116th St. & Broadway and the one at 116th St. & Amsterdam Ave. Maps of the campus are posted at both gates so there should be no trouble finding the hall. Books, posters, etc. will be on sale, and, if university regulations permit, the usual cider and seed cakes will be served.///Additional meetings have been tentatively scheduled for Boston on March 22, and St. Louis on September 1. OTHER MEETINGS of possible interest: The 11th annual conference/seminar of the Modern Language Association, which is being held at the Hotel Americana in N.Y., will have two items of interest to S F fans. On Friday, December 27, Samuel R. Delaney will speak on "New Directions in Science Fiction" and on Sunday, December 28, Fred Pohl, Judith Merril and Isaac Asimov will discuss "Science Fiction: The New Mythology". ///The University of California Letters and Science Extension is planning two programs which might be of interest of fantasy fans. On January 17-19 they will have a conference on "Fantasy, Dreams, and Myths", and on February 7-9 there will be one on "Literature and the Life of the Spirit". Information on both programs can be gotten by writing to: Letters and Science Extension, University of California, 2223 Fulton Street, Berkeley, Ca. 94720.