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[Page 3] Recent fanzines: ALGOL #14 - Andrew Porter, Box 367, N.Y., N.Y. 10028. Available for 60¢ a copy, 5 issues for $2.50, or for contributions. A general interest zine reproduced in a mixture of mimeo, ditto and offset. This issue runs 64 pages. AMRA Vol. II, #49 - Subscriptions 50¢ a copy, l0 for $3.00, subs should be made payable to Amra and sent to Amra, Box 9120, Chicago, Ill. 60690. A lithographed zine of interest to sword and sorcery fans; This issue runs 20 pages. CRY #175 - edited by Wally Weber, Elinor Busby and Vera Heminger, Subs are 25¢ per issue, 4 for $1.00 (no subs larger than $1.00 being accepted just now) and should be sent to Vera Heminger, 30214 108th Street S.E., Auburn, Washington 98002. Another genzine returned from the ranks of the folded, this issue runs 18 pages but future issues will probably be larger. DE PROFUNDIS #23 - Chuck & Sally Crayne, 1050 N. Ridgewood Place, Hollywood, Calif. 90038. The newsletter of the LASFS, published about six times a year, is sent to all active members of LASFS (anyone who has attended and paid dues at at least one meeting in the past three months) and to anyone else who pays 50¢ for six or so issues. Multilithed. ENNUI #1 - Creath Thorne, Route 3, Box 80, Savannah, Mo. 64485. Available for contribs, locs, trades, or 25¢ a copy. Mimeographed. EUROPEAN LINK #5) - Jean Muggoch, 15 Balcombe House, Taunton Place, London, N.W.1, England. Irregular newsletter covering the activities of European fandom. Money for postage will probaly get you a copy. FANTASY COLLECTOR #117 - C. Cazedessus, Jr., P.O. Box 550, Evergreen, Colo. 80439. A monthly zine for collectors, consisting almost entirely of ads. Subs are $1.00 a year - 3rd class mail, $4.00 a year for first class mail, or $6.00 a year for air mail. GRANFALLOON #4 - Linda Eyster & Suzanne Tompkins, Apt. 103, 4921 Forbes Avenue, Pittsburgh, Pa. 15213. Available for trades, locs , contribs, or 50¢ an issue 3 for $1.00. Mimeoed genzine, 50 pages this issue. [Page 4] HOOP #4- Jim Young, 1948 Ulysses St.,N.E., Minneapolis, Minn. 55418. Available for trades, contribs, published locs, or 5 for $1.00. Dittoed genzine, 38 pages this issue. INFINITE FANAC #10 - Michael Ward, Box 45, Mountain View, Calif. 94040. A professionally printed genzine containing, this issue, 14 pages of microscopic type, available for 3 for $1.00, contribs, or printed locs. INSTANT MESSAGE #23 -Susan Lewis, 33 Unity Ave., Belmont Mass. 02178. the official newsletter of the NESFA. Bi-weekly, dittoed, available with membership in NESFA. $2.50 for a corresponding membership in NESFA. IT AIN'T ME BABE #1 - Ed Reed, 668 Westover Road, Stamford, Conn. 06902. Small dittoed personal zine available for 10¢ KALKI #8(a) - The James Branch Cabell Society.Correspondence to James Blish, 579-A Sixth St., Brooklyn, N.Y. 11215. Subscriptions are $5.00 a year from Paul Spencer, 665 Lotus Avenue, Oradell, N.J. 07649. A professionally printed zine devoted to the works of James Branch Cabell. This issue runs 38 pages. LONDON NEWSLETTER #11 - Jean Muggoch, 15 Balcombe House, Taunton Place, London, N.W.1, England. Irregularly published newsletter on the doings of London fandom. Available for cost of postage. NARGOTHROND #2 - Publisher: Alan Thompson, P.O. 72, North Aurora, Ill. 60542. Editor: Rick Brooks, R.R.1, Fremont, Ind. 46737. Available for 30¢ a copy or 4 for $1.00, or approved trades. 41 mimeoed pages. THE NATIONAL FANTASY FAN Vol. 48, #3 - Don Miller, 12315 Judson Rd., Wheaton, Md., 20906. The official organ of the N3F, free to members. Membership in the N3F is $2.00 a year to Janie Lamb, Rt. 1, Box 364, Heiskell, Tenn. 36654. ODD #19 - Ray Fisher, 4404 Forest Park, St. Louis, Mo. 63108. Available for 75¢ per issue, 4 for $2.00. Multilithed genzine, 96 pages this issue. OSFAN #40 - Hank Luttrell, 2936 Barrett Station Road, Kirkwood, Mo. 63122. Official organ of the Ozark Science Fiction Association, free to members, otherwise available for 15¢ each, or 12 for $1.50, or for contribs of art or news, or letters of comment. PENNONCEL #3 - Marian Breen, 15 Urbana St., Staten Island, N.Y. 10304,. This is the official newsletter of the East Coast Chapter of the Society for Creative Anachronisms and goes out to members. QUIP #9 - Arnie Katz, 55 Pineapple Street, Brooklyn, N.Y. 11201. Available for trades, locs, contribs, or 50¢ a copy. A mimeoed genzine, this issue runs 50 pages. SANDWORM #5 - Bob Vardemen, P.O. Box 11352 Albuquerque, N.M. 87112. Available for 25¢ an issue, 4 for $1.00, trades, contributions. A mimeoed genzine, this issue runs 30 pages. SHANGRI L'AFFAIRES #74 -Ken Rudolph, 745 N. Spaulding Ave., Los Angeles, Calif. 90046. Available for 50¢ an issue, lr for $2.00, trades, locs, or contribs. The Official Organ of the LASFS. A multilithed, bi-monthly genzine running to a lot of pages. SIRRUISH #8 -Leigh Couch, Route 2, Box 889, Arnold, Mo. 63010. An official publication of the Ozark Science Fiction Association, distributed free to members. Otherwise available for 35¢ a copy, 3 for $1.00, or for contribs, or published locs. SCIENCE-FICTION TIMES #458 - Editor: Ann Dietz, Box 559-Morris Heights Station, Bronx, N.Y. 10453. Publisher: Frank R. Prieto, Jr., Box 216, Syracuse, N. Y. 13209. A professionally printed, monthly newszine. Subscriptions are 30¢ a copy, $3.00 per year. TAPEWORM #7 - Jack Haldeman, 1244 Woodbourne Ave., Baltimore, Md. 21212. A mimeoed genzine available for anything you care to send including sticky quarters. THE THIRD FOUNDATION #84 - The Third Foundation, c/o Lee Klingstein, 1435 S. Bundy #4, Los Angeles, Calif. 90025. Subscriptions are 25¢ for 3 issues plus postage charges of 10¢ per issue. Also available for letters, contribs, or trades. A mimeoed clubzine, this issue runs 36 pages. TRUMPET #8 - Tom Reamy, 6400 Forest Lane, Dallas, Texas 75230. Available for 60¢ a copy, 5 issues for $2.50, contribs, published locs, and trades. A printed genzine with color cover, the issue runs 42 pages. THE WSFA JOURNAL #59 - Don Miller, 12315 Judson Road, Wheaton, Md, 20906. The official organ of the Washington Science Fiction Association, Subscription rates are 35¢ a copy, 3 for $1.00, 7 for $2.00. Also available for contribs and published locs, Monthly, mimeoed zine containing news, reviews and other interesting oddments. COA: Andy Porter, 55 Pineapple St., Apt. 3-J, Brooklyn, N. Y. 11201 Arnie Katz, 55 Pineapple St., Apt. 3-J, Brooklyn, N.Y. 11201 George Foster, Cary House 10, Proctor Academy, Andover, N.H. 03216