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[Page 2] STOLEN FROM EUROPEAN LINK: The first volume of LORD OF THE RINGS has now appeared in Italy. ///The Science Fiction Club Deutchland held its annual convention in August in Heidelberg. An unusual programme item was the showing, instead of the usual SF film, of a four-part TV series about SF which was made by Brian Wood, an Englishman now working for Bavarian TV. It was criticised by many fans on the grounds that it would fail to give an outsider the slightest idea of what SF is about and that most of the material had nothing to do with SF. At the convention, Gert Zech was elected Chairman of the SFCD, Dieter Steinseifer was elected Vice-Chairman, Manfred Moller became Treasurer, Peter Krassa as Record Keeper, and Edmund Fiegweil as Adviser. An interestig feature of the German Hugo this year was that "No Award" was voted in the book category. DUNE won as the best translation and Peter Watkin's _Privilege_ as the best film shown in Gormany @Germany@. The 1969 SFCD-con will take place in Dusseldorf, August l-4. In charge of Foreign Contacts is Peter Schellen, 405 Monchengladback, Alsstr. 260.///The Bidding Committee for World Convention, Heidelberg 1970 have now produced German Con News #1 (available in the U.S. from Fred Lerner, 98-B The Boulevard, E. Patterson, N.J. 07407) containing articles and information on the plans for the Con by various members of the committee. It also contains an article by Dieter Steinseifer on the history of Gerfandom. Some troubles experienced in this year's SFCDcon, such as the uncooperative attitude of the manager of the conhall, have led the committee to reconsider some of their plans. They will now attempt to use the Heidelberg Castle not only for the banquet but for the whole of the con.///Request from the Committee of British Convention 1969: A feature of the con will be a room which will appear to have been taken from a 21st Century museum, showing some of the technical marvels of the year 1969. We would be pleased to hear from anyone who could add to our present collection of examples from this computerised age. Our insurance will cover the loan. Also, we want the art show this year to be representative of all of fandom, so would welcome artwork from overseas artists. It need not be oil or watercolor, why not material, metal, mosaic? For details please write to Jean Muggoch, 15 Balcombe House, Taunton Place, London, N.W.l, England.///Obituary: Both fandom and the professional field suffered a loss in September with the death of Arthur Sellings. Well-known author and translater, very congenial company in fannish gatherings, Arthur gave much interest and support to European fandom.