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[Page 1] _CONVENTION ISSUE_!! 1200 ATTEND CONVENTION ST. LOUIS NEXT !!! ZELAZNY WINS NOVEL HUGO 1700 registered and 1200 people attended the 26th World Science-Fiction Convention held at the Claremont Hotel in Berkeley California, over the Labor Day Weekend. Attendes @Attendees@ were spread over 4 hotels and 2 motels making it somewhat difficult to find people. St. Louis won the right to put on the next convention by an overwhelming vote.(3-1). It was the first time a city had conceded before the final count was in. Columbus made a good presentation, but they were just outclassed. Ray Fisher announced that Jack Gaughan would be Pro Guest of Honor, and that Ted White would be Fan Guest of Honor. Los Angeles won the right to put on the next Westercon, July 4th Weekend, 1969. Bruce Pelz and Charles Crayne were the winning committee. Earl Kemp and Bill Roteler lost out with their bid for Tiajuana @Tijuana@. Note: The Los Angeles Westercon will be held at a Beach-front hotel in Santa Monica. The Hugo winners were: Best novel: LORD OF LIGHT by Roger Zelazny Best novella: (tied) "Weyr Search" by Anne McCafffey "Riders of the Purple Wage" by Philip Jose Farmer Best novelette: "Gonna Roll Them Bones" by Fritz Leiber Best short story: "I Have No Mouth & I Must Scream" by Harlan Ellison Best drama: "City on the Edge of Forever" by Harlan Ellison Best Prozine: If (accepted by Bob Guinn) _ Beet artist: Jack Gaughan (accepted by Elsie Wollheim) Best fanzine: Amra by George Scithers (accepted by Rick Eney) Best fan writer: Ted White Beet fan artist: George Barr (accepted by Bjo Trimble) For whatever reason, the ART SHOW was not up to its usual standard of excitement. The awards: Popular vote: 1st place - "Logistics" Tim Kirk 2nd place - "Parade" George Barr 3rd place -"A Penny for your Thoughs your Majesty" George Barr Cartoon: Best of show - "Logistics" Tim Kirk Children's Fantasy: Best of Show - "Alice in Wonderland" Cathy Hill Fantasy Illustration: General Division - Best of Division - "Flambeau" Alex Eisenstein Professional Division: 1st place -"The Bemling March" George Barr 2nd place - "A Penny for your Thoughts your Majesty" George Barr Heroic Fantasy: - Novice - "Conquest & Unchanged" Jim Nielson - General - "Wardroom of Cirith Ungol" Tim Kirk Astronomical: Novice - lst - "The Enterprise Blows Up" Gordon Monson 2nd - "Call of Port" Gordon Monson General - lst - "Edge of the World" Tim Kirk 2nd - "Dark Side" Joni Stopa S.F. Illustration - Novice - lst - "The Professor" Catherine V. Cribbs 2nd - "N.Y. by Firelight" Gordon Monson Professional - "Dune" Cathy Hill [Page 2] Judges Choice 1st - Barret & Mirrors shy 1 2nd -"A Ruby as Big as an Egg" George Barr Open Award: "Life Forms" Don Simpson The BUSINESS MEETING took place Monday, September 2, 11:30 A.M.. Dave Kyle was excellent in his roll as Parliamentarian. None of the Baycon committee were in attendance and so Dave had to [page is torn] chair the meeting. A number of motions that will probably affect fandom for at least the next ten years were acted upon. They follow, though not necessarily in order of appearance: la-The constitution and bylaws of the World Science Fiction Convention are to be mailed to all members with their Hugo ballot, and are to be printed in the program booklet. 1b-A copy of the minutes of the preceeding convention's business meeting will be mailed out' with the Hugo ballot, and will be made available to all attendees prior to the buisness @business@ meeting. PASSED. 2- Starting with St. Louiscon those intending to vote on the consite, must pay a minimum of $2.00 toward membership in the convention for which they vote. The method of collection will be up to the convention committee. PASSED 3- Starting at St. Louiscon with the bid for the 1971 worldconvention all world convention bidding will take place two years prior to the convention bid for. PASSED 4-Starting with the St. Louiscon the categories of Best Fan Artist, Best Fan Writer, will become permanent parts of the Hugo list. PASSED 5-Starting with the St. Louiscon the category of novella will become a permanent part of the Hugo list. PASSED Note: Alex Eisenstein filed notice of intent to place a motion to rescind before the business meeting at the St. Louis convention. 6-The four year rotation plan was approved, to wit: Every fourth year between the midwest convention and the east coast convention, the world convention will be held outside of the North American continent. The 1970 convention will be the first to fall under this plan. 7-The five year rotation plan was passed, to wit: Every fifth year the world convention will be held outside the North American convention. This means that instead of the "Foreign" convention always falling between the midwest and east coast conventions it too will rotate, 1970 between midwest and east coast, 1975 between east coast and west coast, etc. The 1970 convention will be the first convention to fall under this plan. Note: Al Lewis of Los Angeles filed notice of intent to place a motion to rescind before the business meeting of the St. Louiscon. 8-A motion was made by Jon Stopa to initiate a U.S. convention for those years when the world convention is not held on the North American continent. This motion was referred to committee, said committee to report to the business meeting at the St. Louis con. The committee consists of; Jon Stopa (Midwest representative & chairman) Wilmot Ski Hills, Wilmot, Wisconsin; Leigh Couch (Midwest representative), East coast representatives: Tony Lewis, 33 Unity Ave., Belmont, Mass.; Elliot K. Shorter, and George Nims Raybin; West coast representatives: Bruce Pelz, Box 100, 308 Westwood Plaza, Los Angeles, Calif. 900 <'9002' with an upward pointing arrow is handwritten in the margin> Chuck Crane and Earl Kemp. (If anyone was left out, let us know.) Correspondence should be directed to the members whose addresses have been given. A number of motions were tabled to 1969. If anyone has a list of these will they kindly forward same.to @same to@ Ray Fisher and to the editors of Locus. The Society of Creative Anachronisms presented a MEDIEVAL FASHION SHOW for the convention. Jerry Jacks as Lord Mediocrates, raper of the poor and innocent, was MC, and a punny time was had by all. Items shown included all types of medieval garb including a sixty pound plus suit of chain mail, sword and shield, modled @modeled@ by Heinrich Oldsgard (?). Lovers of medieval combat attended the TOURNAMENT put on by the above society. Among the points of interest was the defeat of Randall Garrett and Poul Anderson defending the honor of John W. Campbell, Jr., and Clan Campbell against a challange @challenge@ from Sir Jamie Oakenshield and Sir Edwin Bersark (Paul Zimmer). The tournament was followed by an evening of medieval revels which included medieval food, music, and dance. The steps of which were taught by Don Studebaker. Following the Champagne Party Thursday evening, August 29, a new last minute production of H.M.S. Trekastar was performed. Considering that the cast only had a maximum of four days to familiarize themselves with the parts it was a fair success.