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[Page 3] Carachbrui {Title art: The title is written in a stylized font that adds extra serifs to each letter.} {Image: Green embellishments, following a swirl motif, run down the right margin of the page.} <Illuminated "W">ell, we made the second issue. Reproduction should be better, as we're using a different machine. Response has been generally good, (see PEDO!) tho @thought@ there hasn't been much of it. Many of you who are receiving this have not responded at all (Hint--Hint). I’m sure you'll afree that the cover thigh is an improvement over the last one. Feydra is quite an artist. She has done everl more beautiful covers for future issues. <The following text has been struck through with a pen.> If anyone wants more copies of this cover, who may have them for 15¢ea.. They will be mailed in a manila envelop with a cardboard backing to prevent folding <End strikethrough.>. For Star Trek fans: in case you haven't hear of the the Trimbles, they're two very active fans who publish a newsletter on ST and offer for sale ST scripts, film clippings, etc., etc.. Write John and Bjo Trimble, 417 N. Kenmore Av., Los Angeles, CA 90004. This issue contains the first of many instalments @installments@ of Brynhild Havregrot's fantastic Elvish Dictionary. Her Dictionary contains every Elvish word and name mentioned in TLotR, defined or not. In order to get it in in a reasonable number of issues, I have omitted all the names (Many of them can be translated by looking up the separate elements), all the undefined words, and all words of highly doubtful meaning. Most abbreviations used are generally accepted. S mean Sindarin, and Q Quenya. Plural froces follow nouns in parentheses. Many have asked, so I'll tell you: SSMESIT means some sort of Medieval Elvish Society I Think. On April 8, 1968, a celebration in honor of the Elvish New Year and Destruction of the Ring was held at lacy Park in San Marino. Dances were danced and songs we're sung. A procession of those in costume was held around the park. We were preceed by a group of local kids who strew (?) the air before us with a soap bubles. A Tolkien quiz, and Elvish deciphering contest, and a Maypole contributed to the festivities.The even was sponsered by the Mythopoetic Society, which plans another Bilbo's and Frodo's Birthday Party in Septmeber. It turned out to be a very enjoyable afternoon. <Handwritten, in cursive, in black pen.> Extra copies of page 9 are available for a 5¢ stamp. <End handwriting.>