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[page 1] <Handwritten in pencil.> Summer 1968 <End pencil.> holbytla #2 {Title art: To the left of the title is a line drawing of a scene of Bree. A small walled enclosure of a main building and a stable sits amid three hills, the most distant of which is farmland. Three evergreens grow on each of the other hills. From the enclosure containing the building and stable a path leads up to the forground of the image. near the beginning to the path is a sign post that reads "The Prancing Pony." The "P" serves as the first letter for both "Prancing" and "Pony." The image is signed "EL.M.P".} _HOLBYTLA #2 MSU TOLKIEN FELLOWSHIP URUI <Written in pencil above line.> Aug <End Pencil.> 31, 9837_ Holbytla is a summer newsletter for members and friends of the MSU Tolkien Fellowship. It is published by Inurion Randebaran, 6459 Shadowlawn, Dearborn Heights, Michigan 48127. Comments and contributions are welcome and appreciated.

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