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[page 1] LITERARY (?) NEWS The long awaited Bolrog _Review_ has finally made its first flight out of Flint, Michigan and into the hands of anxious readers. It was worth the wait, too. The interview between Presidential aspirants Erb Sebastian of the National Hamiltonian Party and Albert Victor, independent, is particularly noteworthy. Some of Mr. Sebastian's thoughts ought to have been sent to some of the Republican and Democratic leaders we all know too well. The illustrations by the Balrog's sister (I bet you didn't know that balrogs had sisters--IK) are also very good. She will be a freshman at MSU this fall and doubtless will be prevailed upon to turn out more fine work. _Dwimmerlaik_ can truthfully be expected to appear within the coming month. Th elatest contributions include an authoritative article on mushrooms by Elen Banakil of the University of Hobbiton.