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[page 2] {Note on the Text: The following text is broken into left and right colums as is indicated below. The bottom of the page abandons he column formatting, instead resuming a full page setup. The following begins the left column.} SPRING TERM NOTES Activities of the fellowship during the last term of the 67-68 academic year were highlighted by the Elvish New Year celebration on April 6. The party gathered in the McDonel Hall Grill bearing large or if possible, larger, sacks of edibles and musical instruments. A featured entertainment was the reenactment, on the spur of the moment, of the death of the Nazgul King at the Battle of the Pellenor. This drew many comments and a few cabbages and tomatoes from the other occupants of the grill. Numerous walks in the woods were taken by members in search, I believe, of the home of the local Tom Bombadil. The regular Thursday night gatherings were canceled at about that point due to poor attendance. It is to be hoped that we can resume our weekly meetings this fall, at least long enough to meet and introduce ourselves to new prospective members.