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[page 1] {Note: The following text appears in two columns. The following text makes up the left-hand column.} FROM THE QUICKPOST SERVICE: Gigi is alive and well in old Perelandra and will appreciate all letters from friends...MSU resident hobbit Karen Townley will be returning to Hubbard Hall this fall. She has been playing Autobridge (Argh!) for lack of opponents. "It doesn't use the same bidding system I do... but then neither does anyone else!! ...It is rumored that our ex-balrog Narbeleth is on the verge of a new revelation. Our congratulations on his success...Darathas is employed currently by Uncle Sharkey in D.C. ...Aramac, while working for a vet, has been sampled by one of the patients, a large German Shepherd. ( I have so far ben fortunate enough to avoid that myself, but there've been some close calls.)..Honorary member Pam Willmarth is working in Florida this summer (Fink!!)..Work on the Flonari language is rapidly advancing. The first poem in that tongue was translated come days ago and we may be on a speaking level by next September...Where is Gil these days, and what is he doing?.. All attempts at reaching him (by yours turly at any rate) have been unsuccesful to say the least...The Land of Cotton has been invaded by balrogs and other evil creatures, but a new king, Narenda CXIII, is busy clearing them out and setting the kingdom to rights. He has already placed the fyling unicorns under royal protection and is at present directing the removal of the ruins of a certain smokestack. {Note: The following text makes up the right-hand column.} Peace is being negotiated in the age-old feud between the wizards and the trees, and the Riders and Evil Somethings have been driven out of the country.