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[page 1] Glamdring 6 MARCH 1968 published by Bruce Pelz, Box 100, 308 Westwood Plaza Los Angeles, Calif 90024 IncuNebulous Publication 646. HEREWITH, the roster of fanzines received during the month of March, 1968..... APA L 177 (Len Bailes, OC/2) 3/7/68 23;5;m,d,o;s Der Höllander 129 (Fred Hollander) 3/7 2;0;m;s Where No Fan Has Gone Before #2 (Bjo Trimble) 3/1/68 6;0;m;s ("Star Trek" fandom newsletter; available for a 6¢ stamp) OKCIGU 12 (=#13) (Diaj Pelz) n.d. 1;0;m;s Nyet Vremia 177 (Bruce Pelz) 3/7 1;0;m;s The Barefoot Contessa 7 (Criss Stevens) n.d. 2;0;d;s Probably Something 119 (Tom Digby) 3/7 2;0;d;s The Third Foundation Digest #7 (=#8) (Lee Klingstein) n.d. 2;0;d;s Rabanos Radiactivos 177 (Fred Patten) 3/7 2;0;m;s APA L 178 (Fred Patten, OC/2) 3/14/68 18;6;m,d,o,x;s Grok no.39 (Ken Rudolph) 3/14 2;0;x;s Probably Something 120 (Tom Digby) 3/14 2;0;d;s Elsewhen 95 (Chuck Crayne) n.d. 1;1;o;s Rabanos Radiactivos! 178 (Fred Patten) 3/14 2;0;m;s Nyet Vremia 178 (Bruce Pelz) 3/14 2;0;m;s The Third Foundation Digest #9 (Lee Klingstein) n.d. 1;1;d;s OKCIGU 14 (Dian Pelz) n.d. 1;0;m;s Pheme #4 (Ed Baker) 3/14 1;0;m;s Der Hollander 130 (Fred Hollander) 3/14 1;1;m;s Voice of Lambeth no.28 (Al Snider) 2/29 1;1;m;s Decision made to fold APA L with the last distribution of March: Number 180, for lack of interest. APA L 179 (Tom Locke, UC) 3/21/68 22;10;m,d,o,x;s Rabanos Radiactivos 179 (Fred Patten) 3/20 2;0;m;s Nyet Vremia 179 (Bruce Pelz) 3/21 3;0;m;s (Includes: Sociodynamic Flowchart of Los Angeles Fandom #2) OKCIGU 15 (Dian Pelz) n.d. 1;0;m;s Probably Something 121 (Tom Digby) 3/21 2;0;d;s From Sunday to Saturday 68/27 (Don Fitch) 3/21 1;1;m;s Der Hollander 131 (Fred Hollander) n.d. 2;0;m;s The Barefoot Contessa #8 (Criss Stevens) 3/21 2;0;d;s APA L 180 (Fred Patten, OC/2) 3/28/68 27;9;m,d,o;s 5th Annual Winkie Ozcon Newsletter No.2 (Fred Patten) 3/68 2;0;m;s The Last Expletive (Bjo Trimble) n.d. 2;0;d;s Nyet Vremia 180 (Bruce Pelz) 3/28 2;0;m;s B-roll Negative #3 (Ted Johnstone) 3/28 4;0;m;s From Sunday to Saturday 68/31 (Don Fitch) 3/28 1;1;m;s Rabanos Radiactivos 180 (Fred Patten) 3/28 2;0;m;s OKCIGU 16 (Dian Pelz) n.d. 1;1;m;s Barefoot Contessa 9 (Criss Stevens) 2;0;d;s Sisyphus 93 (Sally Crayne) 3/29 1;1;m;s Der Hollander 132 (Fred Hollander) 3/28 3;1;m;s Niddhoggr 48 (Dave Hulan) n.d. 1;1;m;s Probably Something 122 (Tom Digby) 3/28 2;0;d;s Is it really dead? Tune in next month and find out if the sinister forces win... [page 2] N'APA 36 March 1968 164 p. 28 members on roster, of a possible 40 3/20 Alliance Amateur 36 (Roy Tackett, OE) 3/68 4;0;m;s red. (Inclusion: OElection ballot for runoff: 1;1;m;½s) Sandworm 3 (Bob Vardeman) n.d. 25;1;m;s A Requiem For Star Trek #1 (Bob Vardeman) n.d. 13;1;m;s (Incl: story recaps) Vombis 5 (Roy Tackett) 3/68 6;0;m;s Guano (no#) (Art Hayes) n.d. 8;0;m;s Down With Reality (Ned Brooks) 2/18/68 6;0;d;s Un-Named #3 (Janie Lamb) n.d. 10;2;m;s Fedaykin (Bob Vardeman) n.d. 10;2;m;s Ktema Es Aei #1 (Richard Labonte) n.d. 4;4;m;s Fringe 13 (Carol Ballard - formerly Carol Murray) n.d. 8;0;m;s Holla (Wally Weber) 3/68 10;0;m;s Maelstrom (Fred Hypes) 3/10/68 6;0;m;8x10½ Cithara 5 (Lesleigh & Chris Couch) 3/68 7;1;m;s Troglodyte 16 (Hank Luttrell) 3/68 4;0;m;s The Seedling #2 (Evelyn Lief) 3/68 9;3;m;s Fanther #5 (Terry Romine) n.d. 5;1;d;s P'fogging #1 (Roy Tackett) 3/68 3;1;m;s The entire mailing was stapled into a manila folder which was hand-lettered: "N'APA 36. An Anthology of the Neffer Amateur Press Alliance. Edited by Roy Tackett." Purpose: Book rate postage. Successful. {Divider: A line made from hyphens separates the text above from the text below.} SFPA 27 Feb. 1968 230 p. 19 members, 1 Invitee, 7 Waitlisters. Red. 3/24 The Southerner 27 (Lon Atkins, OE) 2/68 6;0;m;s Starling 11 (Hank Luttrell & Lesleigh Couch) 12/67 35;1;m;s (Available for 25¢ or 4/$1) Nolazine 3 (New Orleans SF Assn.) 12/14/67 l4;2;m,x,o;s ("In Memoriam: Rosel G. Brown, 1926-1967.") Crypt of Ennui #2 (Milt Stevens) 1/18/68 6;0;m;s The SFPAn Coloring Book (Lee Jacobs) n.d. 6;6;m,d;s DamnYankee 17 (Arnie Katz) 2/68 12;2;m;s Exile #4 (Charles Wells) 2/68 6;0;m;s South Norwalk #1 (Andy Porter) n.d. 10;2;d;s (Inclusion: Filtor's Forum I:2 4;0;o;s) (Available for $2/issue or trade) The New Port News #4 (Ned Brooks) 2/68 3;1;d;s Such and Such (#15) (Hank Luttrell) 2/68 4;0;m;s Panache #1 (Alan Shaw) 2/68 6;0;m;s/1;1;d;½s The Blackguard Handicap Chess Tournament, pt.1 (Lee Jacobs) Winter/68 1;1;d;s (Attached: AWOL #10 (1;1;d;s); AWOL #11 (2;0;d;s); AWOL #12 (1;1;d;s)) Melikaphkhaz 12 (Lon Atkins) 3/68 15;1;m;s Patchwork 4 (Kathy Hulan) n.d. 3;1;m;s Falchion #3 (Hank Reinhardt) n.d. 11;1;m;s Warlock 19 (Larry Montgomery) 3/68 4;0;m;s Florimel 8 (Joe Staton) n.d. 5;1;m;s Utgard 15 (Dave Hulan) n.d. 4;0;m;s LeeJ (L n Atkins) n.d. 19;1;m;s (A compendium of tributes and memories for and to Lee Jacobs) A Newsletter From the Hague (Billy Pettit 1/20/68 2;0;m;8¼x11 4 5/8 Jalap 4 (Billy Pettit) 12/31/67 12;0;m;s (The SFPA mailing was delayed from its original February deadline because of the death of Lee Jacobs, which put it off first because of proximity to the deadline, and then in order to get the Memorial Volume (LEEJ) into the mailing. Next mailing is still scheduled for the regular deadline, May.) {Divider: A line made from hyphens separates the text above from the text below.} N'APA postmailings (to N'APA mailing 36): 3.26 King Arthur and the Red Indians #4 (Johnny Berry) 10/26/67 9;1;m;s 3.29 Half Life (no#) (Stan Woolston) 3/10/68 4;0;m;s {Divider: A line made from hyphens clozes the above text.} [page 3] THE CULT: 3.06 Zwilnik S (Len Bailes) n.d. 1;1;m;s (F/r 210.30468) 3.08 Dol Cirith Ungol #2 (George Heap) 29;1;m;s (FR 211) (Attached: Pillyspock (John Boardman) 11/18/67 1;1;d;s -limericks) 3.26 (From Sunday To Saturday) 68/28-30 (Don Fitch) 3/24/68 3;1;m;s (no f/r #) 3.26 Runaway Steamroller (George Scithers) 1;1;v;s (F/r 211.99) n.d. 3.27 Frelking in the Woodshed I:1 (Gordon Eklund) 3/25 15;1;m;s (FR 212) OTHER: 3.01 Algol 13 (Andy Porter) 1/5/68 62;4;m,d,o;s (An excellent job; of special note: Mebane's article on Zelazny, Lupoff's reviews of marginalia and Robin White's "Are Femmefans Human?" Available for 75¢, or LCT.) 3.01 Sirruish 6 (Leigh Couch for OSFA) Winter 1967/68 64;2;m;s (Of special interest: 2 short pieces of fiction, and some Gaughan cartoons. Available for 25¢ (4/$1.), comment or trade) 3.03 Heavy Water 29 (Fred Patten) 1/28/68 l0;0;m,x;s (Sent thru CAPA-alpha 40) 3.03 Heavy Water 30 (Fred Patten) 2/25/68 12;0;m;s (Sent thru CAPA-alpha 41) 3.05 The Proper Boskonian I:1 (Cory Seidman) 2/68 33;1;m;s (High point: A real kook turned loose on a computer programmed to talk like a psychiatrist, basing comments on what the user says. Funniest thing I've read in a year or so of fanzines! Available for 25¢ , contrib, or comment.) 3.05 Science Fiction Books 1967 (Joanne Burger) n.d. 9;9;d;s 3.05 Science Fiction Books Published in 1968, thru March (Joanne Burger) n.d. 2;2;m;s (An annual project, to be revised and updated when more information is received. Sent because Ned Brooks says I am a "fannish archive"; thanks, Ned, I was _hoping_ that idea would get across!!) 3.06 Heckmeck 16 (Mario Kwiat and Manfred Kage) 12/15/67 18;0;m;8¼x11 5/8 (News of European fandom; in English this issue, though some issues are in German. Boosting Heidelberg in 1970.) 3.06 Science Fiction Times 452 (Ann F. Dietz, ed.) 3/68 12;0;o;7xl0 (The Old Reliable is, again. Available for 30¢, $3/12; monthly.) 3.07 De Profundis 21 (Chuck Crayne for LASFS) pm 3/6/68 1;1;m;s (LASFS Newsletter; available for 35¢/6 issues to non-Active-Members-of-LASFS) 3.07 The Third Foundation #81 (Lee Klingstein for the Third Foundation) 3-4/68 40;0;m;s (Includes the fifth episode of "Doomed Lensmen," a reasonably good pastiche of EESmith. Back issues 77-80 contain pts. 1-4. Available for 25¢/3 issues, plus 10¢/issue mailing costs.) 3.07 The National Fantasy Fan Vol.27 no.3 (Don Miller for NFFF) 3/68 10;0;m;s 3.09 ValSFA Newsletter (no#) (Dwain Kaiser) pm 3/7/68 2;0;m;s 3.10 Nous 3 (Ruth & Jean Berman) 3/68 34;2;m;s (Highlights: Dave Hulan's "The Hero in Twentieth Century Literature," and pt. 2 of Len Bailee's parody "The Fandoliers, or The King of Barataffia." Available for 25¢, contrib, or comment) 3.11 Hugin and Munin No.4 (Richard Labonte, for ACUSFOOS) 1-2/68 20;0;m;s/ 2;2;o;8¼xlo½ (Official organ for A Carleton University Speculative Fiction Organization of Sorts (ACUSFOOS), in Ottawa. Available for 25¢ or LCT) 3.11 Cinder 5 (Jim Ashe) 3/6/68 4;0;o;s (Includes: Phoenix I:3 3/68) 3.12 The Howard Collector 10 (Glenn Lord) Spring/68 47;1;Lp;½s (Devoted to the works of Robert E. Howard. Available for 60¢ an issue. No LCT. Inclusions: adverts for _November Wind_, poems by Wade Wellman, and _Etchings in Ivory_, poems by Howard. ) 3.15 Argh! I:1 (Chester Malon, Jr. and Ron Whitthington) 3/68 23;3;m;s (Features a long pseudo-Man-From U.N.C.L.E. fanfiction bit. Available:LCT) 3.15 BayCon Progress Report No.2 (BayCon Committee) n.d. 16;0;m;s (One of the snottiest PR's I've ever seen: Hotel demands $10 deposit and has only 300 rooms for entire convention; ConCom rakes off 10% of all raffle gross, 20% of all auctions not in main Con hall, and 40% of all non-Convention auctions held in main hall; no pro artists may exhibit in art show; $10 deposit required for huckster tables; all exhibits & sale to [page 4] be cleared with ConCom, which reserves right to sell or exhibit all professional production material: "art work, manuscripts, galleys, scripts, props, etc." -- apparently a slam at TOFF auctions of "Star Trek" material last year. Money-hungry bunch, aren't they? Inclusions: Future Unbounded PR #1; Hugo Nomination Ballot (2;0;m;s); Hotel Claremont brochure) 3.21 Tightbeam 48 (Gary Labowitz for NFFF) 3/68 18;0;m;s 3.21 Psychotic 24 (Dick Geis) 3/68 51;1;m,o;s (Spinrad comments on _Dangerous Visions_; various people write columns; and all sorts of people, notably Ted White, hammer at each other in the lettercol. Available: 25¢ or LCT) 3.24 Future Unbounded Progress Report 2 (FUNcon Committee) n.d. 12;0;o;½s 3.30 Shangri-L'Affaires 72 (Ken Rudolph) 4/1/68 52;0;o;s (Len Bailes writes of fantasy and Gilbert-and-Sullivan, and Jim Schumacher of an invitation to a Viking Raid on the California coast; various people columnize, versify, end artisticate, as Rudolph revives SHAGGY after about 3 years and tries to get the newer crowd of LASFSians into National Genzine Fandom. Available for 35¢, 3/$1 or LCT. Inclusion: Hugo Nomtnation Ballot (2;0;o;s).) 3.31 Glamdring 5 (Bruce Pelz) 2/68 6;0;m;s AND A STRAGGLING N'APA postmailing... . 3.10 Snorkel #1 PS (Alma Hill) 3/68 (pmk 3/8) 1;1;m;pc (postmailed to N'APA 35th mailing) {Divider: A line made from hyphens separates the text above from the text below.} SYMBOLS: d = ditto FR = Fantasy Rotator F/r = Fractional Rotator LCT = Letter, contribution, or trade Lp = Letterpress m = mimeo n.d. = no date o = offset pm = postmarked; postmailing s = standard size (8½xll) v = verifax x = Xerox INFORMATION GIVEN: Date of receipt (3.21 etc.) Title and issue # Editor/Publisher date number of printed pages; number of blank pages; means of reproduction; size APA circulation, if any; special notes on contents or oddities inclusions; availability. (If availability is not given, write to the editor/publisher and request a copy; send postage, at least.) {Divider: A line made from hyphens separates the text above from the text below.} ASHE, JIM - 301 Dryden Rd., Ithaca, New York 14850 # ATKINS, LON - Box 444; Northridge, Calif 91324 BAILES, LEN -Box 474, 308 Westwood Plaza, Los Angeles, Calif 90024 * BAKER, ED - c/o 508 S. St. Andrews Pl., Los Angeles, Calif 90005 * BALLARD, CAROL - 4521 Corliss Ave. N., Seattle, Wash. 98103 BAYCON COMMITTEE - Box 261, Fairmont Sta., El Cerrito, Calif 94530 * BERMAN, JEAN - 5620 Edgewater Blvd., Minneapolis; Minn. 55417 * BERMAN, RUTH - c/o Trimbles; 417 N. Kenmore Ave., Los Angeles, Calif 90004 # BERRY, JOHNNY D. - Box 6801, Stanford, Calif 94305 HOARIMAN, JOHN - 592 Sixteenth St., Brooklyn, New York 11218 * BROOKS, NED - 713 Paul st., Newport News, Va. 23605 BURGER, JOANNE - 55 Blue Bonnet Ct., Lake Jackson, Texas 77566 COUCH, CHRIS, LEIGH, & LESLEIGH - Rt. 2, Box 889, Arnold, Mo. 63010 CRAYNE, CHUCK & SALLY - 1050 N. Ridgewood Pl., Los Angelos, Calif 90038 DIETZ, ANN F. - Box 559, Morris Heights Sta., Bronx, NY 10453 DIGBY, TOM - 330 S. Berendo, Los Angeles, Calif 90005