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[cover] <Writing oriented 90 degrees counterclockwise.> Glamdring 5 <End counterclockwise orientation.> {Title Art: The word "Glamdring" is written in a cursive script. It has been written several times, each overlapping the last, making the final result is difficult to read.} {Cover: A man in plate armor is holding a naked woman's hair in his left hand while he stabs her below the sternum with the blade in his right. The woman's body is limp. The man's armor is mostly of roman design, including the leather lappets that protect the legs and groin, and light, practical armor on arms and legs. His helmet is without joints or visor; it appears to be two pieces of metal, with a seam running between the eyes. The helmet is topped with a crest of a hair-like material. The illustration is signed "DP."}