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[page 27] {Note on the Text: The page is divided into two columns.} [Left Column] {Tengwar: A short message in the Tengwar script begins the page in the upper left corner. The message is embellished with floral and star motifs, inked in red.} <Tengawr for "Across."> 1) Elvish 'year' equal to 144 of our years. 3) He "saw the first raindrop" in Middle Earth 5) One of the Two Trees, from which "Nimloth" was come. 9) Mightiest of the elven rings. 10) ____ Homely House East of the Sea. 12) The greatest elven smith of the Second Age. 14) The Elder King, husband of Elbereth. 16) Angelic Powers. 22) The Exiles were not allowed to return over it. 23) Elvish name for Bombadil meaning "eldest". [unreadable]) Vails of light in which the Valar appear. [unreadable]) Stone of ____, palantir by which elves of Middle Earth gazed West over the Sea. 28) Number of elven rings. 29) The One. The Father. 32) Member of the race which was formed or [unreadable] by Morgoth (Kulleh [unreadable]). 33) A[unreadable] [unreadable] for which the Exiles and Gray Elves were not [unreadable] (elvish word). 34) He went over the Hen to [three unreadable words] from [unreadable] [unreadable] in the war against Morgoth. 35) From it Elrth sail the Gray Ships Westward 36) "The M[unreadable]", which the Valar prepared for the Children of God. 37) Revine in the mountains of Valinor through which the Light of the Two Trees flowed out. <Tengwar for "Down."> 1) In the gardens were the undying flowers from which the Eldar thot [unreadable] [unreadable] was made. 2) ___dar, the High Elves. 4) Elvish word for "heaven". 5) Stem word meaning 'to look towards watch over" in reference to may favorite things. 6) Five Valar who came to M-E in form of wizards. 7) The heart of Lorien. 8) Elvenhome, on the shorlands east of Valinor. [Right Column] {Puzzle: The crossword puzzle is made up of 19 by 17 squares. The squares in which letters are not meant to be placed are filled with snowcapped mountains, all with green lines eminating from the peak. The exceptions to this rule are fully shaded boxes that create the letters "EP" and one square with a tree in the center of the puzzle.} 11) From the elven word for king found in many names of Numenorean kings and the heirs of Elendil. 13) Mortal here in the war against Morgoth who wedded Luthien Tinuviel. 15) To her the high people of Middle Earth cried for help and inspiration. 17) Elvish seasonal per[ureadable] in Middle-E. 18) Grey Elves. 19) Vala called "The Great" in the War. 20) Ring which Gandalf wore. 21) [unreadable] [unreadable] [unreadable] of tree shepherds. 23) "[at least four unreadable words] of golden tree..." 24) Wrought the [unreadable] jewels of the Rings which led to the [unreadable]. 25) Of which the silmarils were wrought. 27) Elvenhome. 28) U[unreadable] ____. 30) [unreadable] ____ [unreadable] High Elven King of Middle Earth. 31) [unreadable] _____ [unreadable] halls of Varda and Manwe on the [unreadable] of Oleless. 33) Elvish "[unreadable] [unreadable]", addressed to Elbereth. {Image: A line drawing that depicts a tangle of plant growth fills the bottom right corner of the page.}