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[page 26] {Family Tree: A family tree is hand written until about the middle of the page.} Iorneth--A Tree of the Intermarriages of Elves & Men, "as well as I could work it out". ("very confusing if you work out genetic possibilities") (also see T.J. II:1): [Generation 1] Beren (Edain) [reproduced with] Luthien (half-valar?) [Generation 2] Idril (Elvin)[child of Beren and Luthien, reproduced with] Tuor (Edain) Dior (half-elvin) [child of Beren and luthien, reproduced with] ? presumably an elf [Generation 3] Eärendil (halfelven) [child of Tuor and Idri, reproduced with] Elwing [child of Dior and ?] [Generation 4] Elros (called halfelven- chose to be mortal) [child of Eärendil and Elwing, reproduced with] ?an Edain Elrond (called half-elven. But if you work it out Punnett Squres, even with only 4 chromosomes he could have been pure elven, 1/2, or 1/4.) [child of Eärendil and Elwing, reproduced with] Celebrian [Generation 5] Arwen (became mortal) 3/4 Elven, assuming Elrond was actually halfelven Ellandan Elrohir [all three are children of Elrond and Elrohir] [Gap in Records] [The children of ?an Edain and Elros are unknown and are listed only as a] long line of kings [After Gap 1] Elendil? [descendant of the line of kings, reproduced with] ?Edain [After Gap 2] Anárion Edains Isildur [reproduced with] Edain [After Gap 3-10] 8 KINGS [descended from the Anárion Edains and Isildur & Edain, exact relationship is unclear] [After Gap 11] Aragorn (very dilute elvish) [reproduced with] Arwen [After Gap 12] Eldarion (reunited the two elvish strains of Elros & Elrond: in whom those of Beren & Luthien and Tuor & Idril were unitied.) [child of Aragorn and Arwen]<End family tree.>