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[page 11] {Divider: A solid green line separates the text above from the mustical score below.} The Royal Mordor Orc-hestra Presents: <embellishment> OPEN LETTER TO A WANDERING MORDORIAN Poem-Electra Lindevere [ANNAPOLIS SMIAL] Music-Kathleen Fitzgerald {Title Art: Each line of the text above is inked in a different color. The first is purple, the second red, and the third green. To the right of the title art is a small drwaing of Mt. Doom, smoking from the top.} {Musical Notation: Twenty four bars of music follow the previous text. All musical notation should be read in treble cleff, the key of E minor, in 4/4 time.} Chorus: THE GRASS IS GREEN, THE SKIES ARE CLEAR AND THERE IS NO DARK SHA-DOW HERE-- OH. THINGS WERE NEVER THIS BAD BE-FORE IN MY DEAR HOMELAND OF MOR-DOR. I) OH, DEAR EDMUND WILSON* COME HOME I PLEAAA ORCS ARE SINGING IN HAR-MON-YYYY. OUR <eye> FINE FOUL AIR HAS LOST ITS STINK AND SAU-RON'S EYE IS TURNING PINK! (guitar) THE II) HOW CAN I DE-SCRIBE MY WRAAATH? OUR TOROGS HAVE BEEN TAKING BAAATHS. COME HOME AND RE-STORE YOUR SPLENDID GLOOM, FLOWERS ARE GROWING ALL O-VER MOUNT DOOM! <Handwritten.> *ANYONE OF ORCISH CHARACTER IN YOUR OPINION MAY BE SUBSTITUTED! <End handwriting.> {Divider: A solid purple line separates the music above from the text below.}