The Song of Galadriel

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[page 8] The Song of Galadriel (1:22) (Stanley Hoffman, 7657 Orion Av., Van Nuys, CA 91406) {Title Art: The title of the song is handwritten in blue ink, the number in brown and Hoffman's information in red. The title is separated from the musical score by a border of flowering vines, inked in green.} {Musical Score: The page consists of 50 measures of music. The musical notation lacks information about the clef and key, but calls for alternation between simple chords, mostly Em and Am.} I SANG OF LEAVES, OF LEAVES OF GOLD, AND LEAVES OF GOLD THERE GREW! OF WIND I SANG, A WIND THERE CAME AND IN THE BRANCHES BLEW. BEYOND THE SUN, BE-YOND THE MOON, THE FOAM WAS ON THE SEA AND BY THE STRAND OF ILMARIN THERE GREW A GOLDEN TREE. BENEATH THE STARS OF EVEREVE IN ELDAMAR IT SHONE IN ELDAMAR BE-SIDE THE WALLS OF ELVEN TIR-I-ON. THERE LONG THE GOLDEN LEAVES HAVE GROWN UP-ON THE BRANCHING YEARS, WHILE HERE BEYOND THE SUND'RING SEAS NOW FALL THE ELVEN TEARS, O LORIEN! THE WINTER COMES, THE BARE AND LEAFLESS DAY! THE LEAVES ARE FALLING IN THE STREAM, THE RIVER FLOWS A-WAY. O LORIEN TOO LONG I'VE DWELT UP-ON THIS HITHER SHORE AND IN A FADING CROWN HAVE TWINED THE GOLDEN ELA-NOR. BUT IF OF SHIPS I NOW SHOULD SING, WHAT SHIP WOULD COME TO ME, WHAT SHIP WOULD BEAR ME EVER BACK ACROSS SO WIDE A SEA?

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