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[page 3] From 'Desirers of Dragons' (_P.E._ mag. March 17, '67): "Middle-earth is an intensely real place--so real that, once other 'desirers of dragons' enter it, they find it impossible to live wholly outside it. They become homesick patriots; and learning High Elvish, Sindar, or even Black Speech is just one of the ways in which they express their patriotism." Comment letter after the now-famous _Post_ article (July 2, '66): "The appeal of _TLotR_ requires no mystical analysis. Not only does it have the satisfying quality of reality down to the minutest detail; it gives courage and hope to the modern reader by portraying a deliberate struggle for good against evil as being both possible and successful." From an article comparing JRRT & Herman Hesse's works (_Nation_, May 3, '67): "Delight in Tolkien and Hesse signifies a new delight in human mysteries, in life's possibilities, in the power of will and the pleasures of imagination. Life imitates art; may the taste of the young, and our lick, hold."