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[cover] {Tengwar: "Elbereth" written in the Tengwar script.} ('ELBERETH!') OCT. '67-June 1968 {Cover art: The cover art depicts the silhouettes of three figures atop a high hill. From left to right the figures are blowing a horn while carrying a banner, kneeling while resting on his sword, and a figure that looks like a wizard reaching both hands toward the heavens. The wizard carries a long device in his right hand that might be a staff or spear. All three figures are wearing cloaks that blow in the wind. Both the figures and hill are inked in purple. The background of the image is colored in with blue lines and small yellow stars, to represent the night sky. The moon/Telperion is drawn as a stylized tree, inked in green, at the top left corner of the page.}