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[page 14] {Tengawar: Two words in Tengwar appear above the "ACROSS" clues.} {Image: The word "ORTHANC" is handwritten, descending so that the "R" is under the "O," and the "T" is under the "R," and so on, to the right of the "ACROSS" clues.} ACROSS 1. Firth upon which Mithlond was located. 3. Forward scout for Ugluk. 8. Heart (Quenya) 9. Tenth month (Sindarin) 11. Undomiel. 13. Bombadil. 16. Haunted mountains of Rohan. 18. Tower (S. ) 19. Dark (S. ) 20. Smith's star. 23. Months (Q. ) 32. One of the seven rivers of Gondor. 33. Forth month (Shire Reconing) 37. Son of Gilraen. 39. Moon (S. ) 40. Hill (S. ) 42. Sharkey. 46. King (Q. ) 48. Blue-stoned elf-ring 49. 144 years. 51. Orald. 54. Star (Old Q.) 55. The black land. 56. One of Thorin's company 57. Day (S. ) 58. Lake Evendim (S. ) 45. (Sorry about that!! Hook (Q. ) DOWN 1. Elf who praised Bilbo's "Erendil." 2. Butterbur's "slowcoach." 4. Heat (Q. ) 5. Fifth child of Bell Goodchild. 6. Location of Prancing Pony. 7. One of the other two ents who were old as Fangorn. 10. Brother of Rumil and Orophin. 12. Painter whose heart was in the right place. 14. Falls of the upper Anduin. 15. Legolas' horse. 17. Steward who revised the calendar. 21. Sunlight (Old Q.) 22. Modern form of #21 down. 23. Sea (S. ) 24. Tolman Cotton. 25. Bridge (Q. ) 28. King of the eagles. 29. Midsummer's day in Numenor. 31. Spear of Gil-Galad. {Tengawar: A three word message is written in Tengwar to the right of the last "Down" clues.} [page 15] 34. Third of the dwarves who fell at the bridge after Balin returned to Moria. 35. Guardian of the Havens at Mithrond. 36. Rage (Q. ) 38. Incanus. 41. Plain of the Entwash in Rohan. 43. The glittering caves. 44. Elf-ring given to Gandalf by Cirdan. 47. Gift (Q. ) 48. Elbereth and Araw were of this kind. 50. Elf-ring of mithril and adamantine. 52. Another of Thorin's company. 53. Man (S. ) {Puzzle: A crossword puzzle occupies the bottom two thirds of the page. It is embellished to resemble the stone turret of a castle: the puzzle itself representing the tower. The puzzle sits upon a base rectangle and three square crenellations decorate the puzzle's top. Within the puzzle are drawings of two windows. A door is drawn in the bottom right corner.}

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