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[page 11] On _Gossypium sp._ or Jill-Jan's Misty Marsh-Mallow cotton (kot' n),n. (OF coion,fr. Sp. coton,fr. Ar. qutun, cotton) 1. A soft white, fibrous substance, composed of the hairs clothing the seeds of an erect, freely branching tropical plant of the genus _Gosypium_ of the mallow family. 2. The cotton plant, also the crop. 3. Fabric made of cotton. 4. (cap.) The main land mass of the planet Gossypia, official designation ZB 18572-03, class I-A, self-governing world. Since the publioation of HOLBYTLA #1, many questions have arisen with respect to the Land of Cotton, Narenda, the Somethings, and the Flying Unicorns. We make no attempt to explain the entire situation, as it is very conplex and unsettled as yet. However, we are pleased to present in this issue the unified map of all the inhabited parts of Cotton as produced in collaboration between two of the Subcreators. ---IK