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[page 1] <Title in unidentified foreign script> Allow me to introduce myself to you : I am E. Joseph Baker, the fan who put the Concordance to Lord of the Ring @Lord of the Rings@ through SAPS last mailing. Part Two of this index, destined for this mailing, suffered a delay in the final transcription, and, to avoid a hasty and unworkmanlike job, it has been postponed to April. I am a Los Angeles-type fan, member of LASFS (and holder of entirely too many offices in that organization), a twenty-two-year-old college student (my birthdny? well, let me put it this way: in 1962 my birthday was on Thanksgiving: a day on which the nation gave thanks. The following year my birthday was not on Thanksgiving: it was not a day on which the nation gave thanks. ... -0- I could ramble on about myself, but why bbother @bother@? Those of you who don't know what kind of person I am will doubtless find out in due time anyhow, and there are some who already know and would either find it boring or disagree with what I said, if I did. So, on to mailing comments (with a suitable title, of course). {Image: A curved capital "E" is written as a block letter in the center of the page.} {Image: A series of stylized initials, "EJB" appear to the left of the following text. The design shapes the "E" and "B" into two halves of a circle, split by the "J."} SAPS MAILING 66 15 JAN 1964 Esperula publication 17 Edwin Joseph Baker 3056½ Leeward Avenue Los Angeles 5, Calif Zip 90005