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[page 19] {Image: A topographical map of a small section of Mordor fills the right half of the page. A simple compass rose appears in the upper right corner above "ERED LITHUI (Ash Mountains)." Below the mountains, the map makes note of "ORODRUIN Mt. Doom" and "The Dark Tower BARAD-DÛR." The words "of GORGOROT" appear below the previous landmarks. The full name 'the Plateau of Gorgorot is cut off. The label "MORDO" now runs down the page at a ninety degree clockwise rotation. The letter 'R' is cut off by the bottom of the page. West of that title, the EPHEL DUATH (Mountains" are labeled, but the rest of the name, 'of Shadow' is cut off by the bottom of the page. The name NURN appears between the 'D' and 'O' of Mordor.}