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[page 5] {Note on the text: The following text is handwritten in cursive.} Note. This paper was hurredly written in one day. After fidning out it could be published in school, I. H.T., worked feverishly into the early morning hours. Since I couldn't finish it all at home. This had to be done at school. Now, I say we should have an efficient Parlimentary Body. It shall consist of a small number of elected representatives, both of our club and our allies. (one from our ally's) Large families (the Tooks or maybe Brandybucks) shall have their own representatives. Further explanation will follow <an arrow points right> Vote! Send your OOG Ballots to Aragorn for a Parliment! (one vote per person- sorry H.Y. - No Ballot stocking!) Credit goes to W.L. Otis for the publication of this paper. Keep out of trouble... write soon Bye! The blame goes to Hildifons Took for mistakes