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[cover] CRY JANUARY 1962 NUMBER 156 twelfth annish {Image: A line drawing of a frog-like creature dominates the page. The frog is bipedal, has small, relatively unfrog-like legs. The creature's arms and bodyshape, however, give a frogish impression. A small tuft of hair grows from the creature's head. Spots decorate the dorsal side. The being is loaded with weapons from every era of human history. His weapon belt alone supports two blades and a laser pistol. The creature wears a bandolier that supports an aditional laser pistol two spears, and a shield. A morningstar hangs from the creature's wrist via a strap. The image is signed "ATOM".} <Handwritten.> GAD, DID I REMEMBER THE CODEINE? <End handwriting.>