How Dragged Were My Heels

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[page 3] ENVOY l0 (Cheslin): I usually get my kicks in the "what if" realm by imagining what I would do if I were able to take over the country and rule it. You know, how would I help the world and all the people of that world. I usually end up, after much meditating, by deciding that if I were able to rule the world, I'd no doubt favor a revolution against me. But then, I seem to remember Bob Lichtman asking a question on this topic some time before I joined OMPA. :: Yes, my title _Shadowfax_, does come from some horse in _The Lord of the Rings_. I liked the sound of the name when I first read it, and decided that it would be only fair if OMPA did indeed have a horse in it somewhere--if only the namesake of a horse. :: I use the checkmark system of mailing comments, and would recommend you try it out. I find that it works out quite a bit more satisfactorily than trying to read the mailing as you comment. I generally go through the full mailing first, reading and checkmarking things that sound as though they are commentable, then put a piece of paper in the typewriter and comment on those checkmarked sections that still hold some interest. Then, I type from this rough draft onto stencil, cutting out much, and adding even more. I kind of think the system works very well, and have been using it now for the last year or so. I'd recommend it to you, Ken, as I said, even if you don't care to type a rough draft out first before putting your comments to stencil.

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