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[page 1] Volume II, Number 1 January 1962 Gaul {Title Art: The title "Gaul" is drawn out in stylized block letters. The letters are shaded with points.} * IN THE WHITE PAGES Felldrip Snidrath carries forth in the tradition of B. Noodlewhip (ie. a lengthy letter column) * IN THE GREY PAGES _Lyn Hardy_ breaks a tradition and Lisa Yount relates a mathmatical Christmas Tale. * IN THE GOLD PAGES _Steve Tolliver_ has more small adventures, Blake Maxam presents the case for Blake Maxam, and there is a short Fairy Tale. * IN THE BLUE PAGES _Larry McCombs_ goes to Yale and he and Hanna Mayhew talk about Tolkien. * ART CREDITS for this issue: Bojohn Meets the Dryad, by Barbi Johnson (part of the Enchanted Forest, First Prize Winner Children's Fantasy, SEACON Art Show), Cover Jack Harness, 4, 6, 7, 9, 10, 12, 15, 19, 20 Bjo, 17, 25, 35, 47 Robert Horbath, 5 Atom, 22, 33, 42 Cawthorn, 23, 46 Eddie Jones, 26, 32 Jaunita Coulson, 28, 43 Robert E. Gilbert, 30 Rotsler, 34 Johnie Burbee, 37, 45 Mike Hinge, 39 Bernie Zuber, 41 * ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS to Bjo and Jack Harness who stenciled all of their own work. I do thank you. BOTH Lyn and Larry have addresses now, so you might send along letters and such to: Lyn Hardy Lloyd House Caltech, Pasadena California rather than: Larry McCombs 147 Bradley St.New Haven, Conn.

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