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[page 1] GAUL Volume II, Number 2 March 1962 $ IN THE WHITE PAGES Bowlinggreen Noodlewhip is back and savagely cuts down the size of the letter column. $ IN THE BLUE PAGES _Lyn Hardy_ releates some tales about telephones, Tom Dilley speaks of bonfires as seen from the other side, and David G. Hulan reports on John Dickson Carr. $ IN THE GOLD PAGES _Steve Tolliver_ has adventures uith the supernatural, Walter Breen discusses Ray Bradbury, and there is a short fairy tale. $ IN THE PINK PAGES _Larry McCombs_ gets a job, discusses children's books, and disects piglets. The Ring is looked through again and Licorne and Julie Vinograd present more of their work. $ ART CREDITS for this issue: The Moon Princess, by Bjo for Don Fitch, Cover. ATom 30 Bjo 8, 9, 13, 16,35,36 Juanita Coulson 34 Jeeves 18 Steve Stiles 6,12 Bernie Zuber 23 Unknown until next issue 19, 28 $ ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS to Bjo and Steve Stiles vho stenciled their work. We are glad. $ OUR ADDRESS for the forthcoming issue is: Steve Tolliver 337 H. Riggin Monterey Park, Calif.