The Persian Slipper 4

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[page 12] THE <struck out> MEDEAN <end strike out> PERSIAN SLIPPER 4: TAJ :: "Boanerges" immediately calls to mind Emily Dickinson's line "And neigh like Boanerges" (about a railroad locomotive). I don't recall if that was the secondary context you had in mind. :: If the name Gilraen occurs in _King In Yellow_, then we have another of Tolkien's sources, omitted by Lin Carter in XERO. Gilraen was the name of Aragorn's mother; and I am reminded of it every time I return from SF on the F bus, as there is a GILRAIN sign on some building near the Bay Bridge approach. :: At the NY Worlds Fair someone threw on the market a quantity of opals, so even 47th St. bucketshops have had 'em for what seem @seemed@ not too unreasonable prices. I shall get my beloved wife the dark opal she craves, and hope she does not inadvertently keep it on while dishwashing. :: Enjoyed.

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