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[page 1] <Title font imitates handwriting.> DAY*STAR february 1962 <End title font.> {Note on the text: The following page is divided into two columns of text. The beginning of each column is marked in the text.} <Column 1.> I have begun to believe in spring again, after a seige of weather like chill still hell, with cold that settles down to the innermost flesh that clings to my own cold skeleton; cold skin I can endure but not cold bones in the haggard pale dark of a winter dawn. And then this morning, while my one winter cold is hoarsely whooping itself out, with a scrap of me derisively watching myself and the antics my body gets up to without me, with exasperation and skepticism, I wake up and open the door for that one inevitable morning draught of fresh air-- cold I can endure, thirst, but not stuffiness, not at morning, I fly to door or window on waking just as a sot seeks the dogs-hair for hangover or a mother her child's cry or the conscientiously hygienic his toothbrush, so I fly for my morning's first breath of undiluted air, warm or cold, and open it unexpectedly on spring; a cool soft sweet smell laced into the chirps of startled birds and the last despairing drips of a frost protesting uselessly that really it wasn't fair, he'd only just begun to settle in and get comfortable for another icy spell.... and the wet low hang of dampish clouds that smell grey and clean, a strangely unsalted taste of the sea I still drave @crave@ with such blind hunger after ten years inland. And drip and bird and damp grey cloud breathe deep into my aching winter lungs, while my startled nose and ears are still gasping in unbelieving delight, yes, it's coming again this year, just listen a minute, stand here and listen and you will hear, as I do, the dragging ripple and wash at the far-off tidal wave of the spring..... <Column 2.> {Image: A stylized line drawing of a tree sits under a glowing, 4-point frown, with three stars on each side.} Although the reaction in FAPA to Men, Halflings and Hero Worship has been in general, far better than I expected, I have nevertheless decided not to inflict my private craze on FAPA in general again. ANDURIL, therefore, will NOT be sent through FAPA. However, copies of the first issue will be sent to interested members. (Judging, that is, by avowed interest in Tolkien and related subjects in the mailings.) The following members and waiting-listers will get copies without doing anything about it. If your name does NOT appear on this list, and you want a copy, somehow your interest in the subject has not become apparent to me, and you'd better write me a note and make sure I know that a copy of ANDURIL would not be tossed aside as "more blather about Tolkien." Ellik, Eney, Shaw, Pelz, Breen, Berman, Busby, Coulsons, Trimbles, Ashworth, Anderson Sneary, Harness, Whites, Morse, and I think that is all the Tolkien fandom among us. If not, write before I run out of #1. Marion Z Bradley *****