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[page 1] {Image: A line drawing of a woman, shaded with stippling, dominates three quarters of the page. The woman is of slender frame, her poise and apparel suggesting a dancer or elf's body. She wears a see through vest, tied together between her breasts. Her belt is made of similar frilly fabric. Her figure is cut off by a short wall, just below her hands, held together near her lap. The skirt she wears flares out abruptly. The woman has light, shoulder-length hair. She looks down, eyes closed, in contemplation. The background of the image is a simple line to represent a landscape, and a lonely stippled tree. The image is signed "-KERRY."} <Font mimics handwriting.> DAY <drawing of sun> STAR fapa august 61 <End font.> Cover by Kerry ++ An ESSAY ON JUSTICE by Walter Breen ++ The strange story of THE SCREAMING SKULL of Wardley Hall, by Tony Glynn; ++ The SCOTTISH GAMES, an account by Paul Zimmer ++ Three FANNISH FILK SONGS, by David Bradley ++ ORCS AND ELFSTONES, an experiment in dream-symbols, by MZB ++ poems by Terry Carr nnd Kerry ++ and pages and pages of Stencilgazing, which ought to be mailing comments and aren't, for all comers.