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[page 1] <Handwritten in pencil in the top right corner.> BRAD '61 <End handwriting.> <Font mimicing handwriting.> Astra's tower <End font.> {Cover art: The majority of the page is given to a shaded line drawing of an enormous citidel. The tower has a single entrance, a stairway leading up to double doors. The first window appears above the double doors, giving the walls an impression of sheer scale. The windows are also few in number, only nine total, and spread far apart. The top of the fortress is dotted with crennelations. Behind the tower, the outlines of three mountains are visible, three birds fly in the distance, and and the moon is just beginning to form a waxing crscent.} <Font mimicing handwriting.> special leaflet 5 men, halflings & heroworship <End font.>