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[page 24] "THANK GOODNESS" --Bruce Pelz The editor having already apologized for not having this issue out sooner, I shall not belabor the matter. Next year we hope to get out maybe two issues. The Fellowship's award for the best Tolkien artwork at the 18th World Science Fiction Convention's art show last year in Pittsburgh went to a set of small statuettes of characters from _The Lord of the Rings_, by Sidney Lanier. The possibility of obtaining copies of the statuettes was mentioned at the Convention, but as yet nothing has been determined. This year, the Fellowship award, to be presented to the best Tolkien art at the Convention in Seattle, consists of a needlework sampler by Dean W. Dickensheet, with the quotation "Tall ships and tall kings..." and the White Tree as motif. It is with deep regret that we must announce the death of one of the most, prominent members of the Fellowship, Dr. Arthur Weir, who died in Standish Hospital, Gloucester, England, on March 4, 1961. The last letter we received from Doc Weir, last October, found him reconciled to the name of the organization: "By the way, as regards your calling the society the Fellowship of the Ring, the really important thing is, of course, that people who like and admire Tolkien's works should get together -- what they call themselves is quite a secondary matter." An article on Tolkien by Doc appeared in Peter Mansfield's ELDRITCH DREAM QUEST #1, November 1960 (14, Whiteford Rd., Slough, Bucks, England.) An excellent article indeed.