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[page 31] STEVE RASNIC VPI, Newman Hall, Box 131, Blacksburg, Va. 24061 I certainly enjoyed getting HOOM #2. The repro, art, format, etc., all were quite good. You're quite an addition to N'APA! Ah...those duellers in your reading audience are going to be out to get Strang. Of course, if the inhabitants of Middle Earth had no knowledge of scientific fencing (and I assume they didn't), the "swordplay" would have been as Strang describes it. If the [page 32] knowledge had been there, the straight sabre would certainly have been of some use. This would serve as a good weapon for non-armored opponents and lightly-armored ones as well. If, in battling a heavily armored opponent, he had plenty of room, it would be possible to out-maneuver the foe, get behind him, and then force him to the ground. He could then find a weak point in the armor. Otherwise, he would certninly need a heavier sword, poleaxe, or other such heavy weapon. Has anyone found any evidence or scientific fencing in the Tolkien books which would make a sabre possible? I've never heard any of the Tolkien songs, or any fannish songs at all, for that matter. Naturally...this would classify me as a fan to feel pity for. Know where I can get some tapes of some? I've got a taper, and would be interested in participating in a robin. It's an RCA 5-inch, two tracks, mono, with both 3-3/4 and 1-7/8 speeds. I couldn't start right away though...my mike is in the shop being fixed and I may have to have it mailed to the college after I get there. Meanwhile, I do a whole lot of listening. Another problem is my almost complete ignorance of things Tolkien. I'm reading _Lord of the Rings_ now, in spurts. I've only finished the first 1-3/4 books, however. Perhaps it would be better if I joined a general fantasy SF robin if you get it started. {Image: A shaded portrait of a dwarf occupies the space to the right of the previous paragarph. On the dwarf's back, he carries a bundle that is equal to his hight, and at least twice his width. The only straps visible run over his forehead. The image is sighned "SH," with the "H" stylized to look like the fletching of an arrow.} Time of Waiting is really good, I can't wait to see the conclusion. It's one of the few ama-works recently that hasn't bored me. Ed Reed suggested that you use color paper. _Puhleese_ don't! There'll be less see-through, but it makes it hard to read. Personally, I don't even like using colored paper for mimeographed zines. . . Best, Steve Rasnic