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[page 27] Dale A. GOBLE, JR. 5606 Clairborne Way, Orangevale, California 95662 Just finished HOOM 2, sent to me through the grace of N3F. Your zine is very neat and clean in appearance, considering the type of repro, which is a vague statement to cover my vague knowledge of the different methods of reproduction. But still, it is far superior to the norm. My after-image of HOOM 2 leaves me with the thought that more articles and information and less statement of policy and goals is needed. The majority of your mailing comments are rather cryptic, usually degenerating into discussions of esoteric material and giving little or no info on the zine. I find this a fault with fanzines in general, for someone like myself trying to break into fandom (after these many years of solitude) there are many instances of complete bewilderment due to the fan's lack of knowledge of the jargon of the trade. Would you believe it took me nearly a month to find out what an LOC is? I particularly admire your sleight-of-hand in omitting any mention of Time of Waiting being a serial on the title page (Excuse, I just noticed it is in the TOC) of the story. This serves a two-fold purpose. Firstly, it helps promote HOOM 3, and secondly, it makes the unwary reader realizes the mood that the story has built up by suddenly breaking it off. The form doesn't look impressive by itself, but it has proved itself effective. So now I close, a non-Tolkien fan who nevertheless enjoyed your zine, and impatiently waiting for the remainder of Time of Waiting. Until then, Dale A. Goble, Jr.