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[page 24] {Image: The image is titled "Smaug" though the illustration does not look like the usual depictions of the dragon. This iteration of Smaug's head is elongated toward the back of the skull, similiar to the xenomorph design from "Alien." Spike-like features figure prominently into the illustration, especially at the back of the skull, in the pointing of the chin, three on the back of the neck, and one behind every knee. Continuing the spike motif the dragon has three foreclaws and one hindclaw on each foot. The tail is unfeatured and has not spike motif. This is not the only notable abscense. This version of Smaug has niether wings nor scales. His stomach suggests a reptillian motif, as it is divided into segments like a crocodile's. The dragon faces the left side of the page. The image is a line drawing placed to the right of the second paragraph. It is signed "Worrall" under the right foreleg.}