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[page 22] THE GREY-WHITE LORD by R. H. Racwain Gandalf the Grey, later the white, He came from across the sea. Kind, yet stern, and good, yet hard, Quick to anger, yet quicker to laugh, By all counts one of the wise. His power was great, and made greater yet, So, he might have the strength To fight the ONE. Sauron the Great, the evil, was his foe, And even Sauron, great though he was, was watchful of Gandalf. Sauron, master of the dark was he, yet those, the wise, knew he was only the emmissary of The Nameless One. And Gandalf, too, though he had a freer hand, represented a power greater than himself. Always found where least expected and needed most was he. The light master, master of the white powers. A man, yet Wizard he. When the power of Sauron had been equalized fully, his job was done, and so his power it did fade. However, if the Dark power should rise and take form again, You will know that his quick sword, magic, marvelous fireworks, Rise again, to defend us!