Challenge - A Puzzle

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[page 49] {Image: The puzzle takes up the top half of the page. It is a simple word game in which the answers are filled in in a series of boxes, each word going horizontally. One colum is highlighted in red to indicate where the puzzle's solution will appear. A drawing of a bird is sketched around the puzzle, and the word "CHALLENGE" is written vertically in ascending letters to the left of the puzzle.} See how many of these you can get without looking. Solution on Page 35. Oh, and by the way--when the squares are filled in correctly the verticle squares marked in red will spell the name of a favorite fantasy tale. 1. study of the history of the Firstborn 2. Where the foot of man or beast has never set 3. The Ent 4. man of the West 5. Tower of Gondor 6. Bay to the south of Gondor 7. Noted innkeeper 8. One of the sons of Elrond 9. Those who held in trust the kingship of Gondor 10. Where the Tooks lived 11. Celebrant 12. Meeting of the Ents 13. Battle plain before the gate of Mordor 14. Beloved queen of Gondor

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