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[page 35] Frank Denton sends along the following news items which will be of interest to HOOM readers: The theme for the London Times Literary Supplement for Thursday, July 25, 1968, is "The Teaching of English Literature." The cover shows an old-fashioned grinder of the kind one turns by hand. Pouring out or the grinder are Greek, Old English, and modern English. Conspicuously in the centor of this potpourri is a string of Elvish letters, the Angerthas of LotR. Translated, it says nothing, and one must presume that the letters were chosen at random. <_/->See reproduction of the cover on the opposite page, with all apologies to the London Times Literary Supplement. At any rate, it will show up the Elvish lettering. To comment on Frank's news item. . .it seems to me that somewhere in my Old English lit courses I've run across English runes, preceding the English letters as we know them. Rather than jumping to the conclusion that these are Elvish letters, could some of you historians and linguists enlighten us as to what the London Times really shows. Naturally, good LotR fans would like to think that they _are_ Elvish, and are in recognition of that great English writer, J. R. R. Tolkien!<_/->