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[page 32] HOOM also acknowledges with thanks LOCs from Joanne Burger, 55 Blue Bonnet Ct., Lake Jackson, Texas 77566--Joanne herself put out a fine first issue of PEGASUS ( see mailing comments); Elaine J. Cooke, 132 Washington St., Bloomfield, N.J. 07003 (who contributed our bacover); Elinor Poland, 1876 S. 74 St. Omaha, Nebr. 68124 (who doesn't like zines _or_ S&S, but who had few kind words for HOOM nevertheless); Devra Langsam, 250 Crown St., Brooklyn, N.Y. 11225 (Who also provided some egoboo, particularly valued, since Devra co-edits SPOCKANALIA for all you ST fen); Alma Hill, 463 Park Dr., Boston, Mass. (more kind words); Seth A. Johnson, 345 Yale Ave., Hillside, N.J. 07205 (with some sage advice and ideas, but unfortunately addressed to the editor of "Date With Kate," who cherishes it and deems it not for publication); Michael Gilbert, 1419 W. Donald St., Waterloo, Iowa 50703 (who credits us with a "worthwhile" zine and contributes a poem found elsewhere in thish; watch for his THE CAVORTING BEASTIE, an up-and-coming zine, evidencing particularly fine taste in the forthcoming ish because he is using a piece of art submitted by Gollum's Grandmother). To those who submitted shorter LOCs, included in other correspondence, we are grateful, too. Some of the comments have made our hearts (and our heads) swell with joy; some of the criticisms have brought us up short--none of them have been without justification; but all the letters have inspired us because we knew someone was reading HOOM thoughtfully. We pledge to be right in there pitching to improve as we go along, and your continued response in the form of LOCs and contributions will be sincerely appreciated.