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[page 31] SETH DOGRAMAJIAN 32-66 80 St. Jackson ts., N.Y. 11370 I'm indeed glad to see another Tolkien zine around. I've had the greatest fear that the Tolkien trend was truly nought but a _trend_! For a while it seemed as if every fanzine around was doing something on Tolkien. but then it all all started to fade. Methinks many eds might be afraid to publish material that might be a bit overused. A book (or should I say set of books) like _the Lord of the Rings_ should not have been so easily forgotten. I know that it is my all-time favorite and I'm sure there are many others who feel the same (as is evidenced by the overwhelming response to the Tolkien Society of America). There are, of course, many new books in SF and Fantasy appearing which are replacing LotR in book reviews, etc. Conan and all the other Howard books just coming out are having an effect on Fantasy readers which is identical to the effect of LotR. I believe one of the selling secrets of Conan is that there is always a new one to look forward to. The publishers are always turning out a new Conan book every few months. Where is Tolkien? I don't think he has effectively followed up his Middle Earth creation. Praps you could inform me on some new stuff by him which is at least soon to be pubbed. Where can I buy some Beryl???? What kind of a nut would want to buy Beryl? I would!! (If Beryl is good enough for the Bible, it's good enough for me!) Best, Seth <_/->Hhere's a good place to say"thanks!" to Seth for the fine art he sent. I even enjoyed copying it for reproduction. . .although the ditto can't do justice to the striking black and white originals. Seth pubs EXILE, and reports that his next ish will be completely offset. Already a darn good zine, the offset repro should make a really _excellent_ one.<_/->