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[page 30] RICHARD LABONTE 971 Walkley Road, Ottawa 8, Ontario, Canada HOOM 1 is a very creditable first issue. You've done wonders with ditto--all the pages are clear, and the colour art is very well done. Even better is the fact that you made a fanzine aimed [page 31] at Tolkien fans interesting for me to read; you see, much as I am ashamed to admit it, I've never read all of the Trilogy. It's one of the things I'm going to do Real Soon Now, just as soon as I finish this and that and the other thing. Soon. . .sometime. What amazes me is the intensity of Tolkien fandom. I know people at Carleton who, after eight years of hish school and two years of college French, still don't know which 13 French irregular verbs are conjugated with "etre." But three weeks after reading the Trilogy, they run around writing Elvish on the walls and in their textbooks. Amazing! I'm going to _have_ to read it. The article on Beryl was an example of the fascinating things to be found in fanzines. I didn't have have to have read LotR to enjoy it--it was interesting in itself. And that's why I enjoyed HOOM--it was interesting, because you and Frank are interesting people. As HOOM develops, maybe I can read LotR and follow the interesting discussions which I hope will develop. Best, Richard