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[page 30] ANN CHAMBERLAIN 4442 Florizel St., Los Angeles, Calif., 90032 I swallowed HOOM within about fifteen minutes. I didn't SCAN. The moss-hung tree looks back at me...questioningly. Was it a Banyan...Could it have been? Anyway, it has a friendly look, and from its very roots I like it. Gollum's Grandmother...(Hole Sweet Hole)...good art and very true saying...there's no hole like your own hole...to crawl into when things get rough. Frankly Speaking @speaking@ ...all the beloved familiar subjects and I feel all warm and comfy with it. Kate's note, "He wrote about James Bond, too, but I haven't read those"...Chitty Chitty Bang Bang could get to be pretty popular--so don't leave out anything like that next time. We ol' seniors LOVE that. Joe will have to write some more letters to GET some. Many pubber-fen have discovered that if you depend on letters for a col, you may soon not have one. Gem Stones... particularly interests me. I would love having a dark green beryl, or a colorless one. Must see about that. The water-lily is my birth flower, and of course, I am partial to it. Very nicely drawn, too. Thanks to Frederick Michael Lauritsen for admitting that "Most readers will find the book stimulating"...even if he does think Tolkien readers are diminishing. They go underground now and then and suddenly come up with a bunch of Tolkien buttons. Prettiest drawing is of the River-Daughter, Goldberry. And Frank Denton's comments are most welcome...he has a smooth writing style. Blessings on HOOM! Ann