Swordpoint LOC's: [Letter responding to Hoom #1, suggesting improvements in art and artists on staff with bracketed commentary from editors]

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[page 29] ED REED 668 Westover Rd., Stamford, Conn. 06902 Lots of good stuff on Tolkien. Too many people, I think. Shouldn't have 'em all on the staff. I also suggest that you search out some good art. Yours isn't bad, but not great. I [page 30] think color paper would be better. Much less show thru. Good repro and a lot of potential. KEEP IT UP! Sf truly, Ed <_/->But not all of us can get originals by Jack Gaughan, Ed! For those of you who have not yet seen a copy, Ed has just pubbed ish #1 L'ANGE JACQUE, with cover by JG and several more JG illos inside. And ot_h_er goodies, too. . .will LOC When I have HOOM put to bed, Ed.<_/->

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