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[page 24] OCTOBER 18-20 1968 It is fitting that HOOM, as a Tolkien zine, put in a plug for ED Meskys Tolkien Conference, to be held at Belknap College, Center Harbor, N. H., on October 18-20. Ed's conference notice tells us there will be sessions on: Interpretations of Lord of the Rings, Tolkien and the Dramatic Arts Tolkien as a linguist, Other writers of mythopoetic literature, and other sessions as interest demands. This conference is sponsored by Belknap College and the Tolkien Society of America. Proceedings will be published after the conference. While at this time it looks impossible for any of the HOOM editorial staff to be present for the conference, short of a miracle (I believe in 'em, but I don't count on 'em), perhaps some of our readers will be able to attend. Won't you write up your observations for HOOM if you are present at the conference? But, at any rate, we will look forward to the published proceedings. For further details, write Prof. Edmund R. Meskys, Tolkien Conference Belknap College, Center Harbor N. H. 03226.