The Elf-Friend

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[page 8] {Title Art: THe ELF-FRiEnD is written in the playful style of colored block letters, varying at random between capital and lower case letters. The 'e' in 'THe,' and the 'i' and 'n' in 'FRiEnD' are lower case. The letters are filled with the following colors: Purple, green, red, blue, red, black, purple, red, blue, green, purple, black, green.} There went a man a-wandering Through countries far away; He fell in with some Elvin-folk Who laughed and bade him stay. He joined them in their merriment, Laughing with great delight. He ate their food and drank their drink Until near the end of night. And lo when he awoke, 'Twas in a grassy glen; No sight of Elves was hereabout, Nor signs to tell him when. And everyone who met him Saw as plain as day That here was come an Elf-friend - One who has seen the ways of Fay. --Michael Gilbert

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