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[back cover] _Silmé_, the art magazine, and _PAStell_ the art news bulletin are edited by Bjo Trimble, 5734 Parapet St., Long Beach 8, California for Project Art Show. With this issue Silmé is being discontinued as a separate publication; PAStell will be published in irregular size and an irregular but more frequent schedule, as news and articles warrant. Next issue out as soon after Chicon as possible. Subscriptions $1.00 per year from John Trimble, 5734 Parapet, Long Beach 8, California, or single sample issues for 25¢. Our sterling agent is Archie Mercer, c/o BSFA Library, (basement) 130 London Road, Cheltenham, Glos.,England. [Editorial note here: this issue is coming out even later than had been anticipated. Bjo went to the hospital last weekend with an inflamed esophagus and this issue is being completed by John Trimble, Al Lewis, Jock Root, and Fred Patten. The Art Show will go on in Chicago as scheduled, with Ron Ellik in charge, assisted by any volunteers. We will be hanging the show Friday, August 31st, and if any PAS supporters are at the con that day, we would appreciate your assistance both in hanging the work and in manning the desk throughout the convention. Help! --Al Lewis] <The following text is rotated 90 degree counter clockwise.> SILMÉ Bjo Trimble 5734 Parapet St. Long Beach 8, Calif. _PRINTED MATTER_ _RETURN REQUESTED_ You are getting this issue because: [ ] You _Subscribed_ [ ] You contributed [ ] Please review [ ] Simple. For more, subscribe <End rotation.>